We care, we listened, so we’ve changed. 

Welcome to the new and improved Discounts for Carers website. While our website may look a little different, don’t worry, we are the same brand you know and love – just better. We have switched things up to make sure our website works as hard as you do.

What is happening?

From those who look after family members to professional carers, our members in the care industry are superstars, and here at Discounts for Carers, we want to celebrate you. That is why we work hard to connect you to money-saving deals at the best brands.

Our motto is “Give at work, win in life”, and to stay true to our motto, we have fully upgraded our website. We are always looking for ways to support, celebrate and find the best discounts for our members – that is why we have had a website upgrade. 

Will anything change?

We want to make sure our members are celebrated for the heroes they are. After all, they deserve it! With the rebrand comes a handful of new changes, but while some things may be changing, we are still the same Discounts for Carers you know and love – just better. 

The Future of Discounts for Carers

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