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Top Tips To Eat Healthy At Home

Making healthier choices is easier said than done, and with added stress and anxiety coming into lay with the uncertain time we are facing, it’s easy to switch your mindset and revert back to the old ways. To help keep you on the right track and stay motivated to continue eating healthy at home, we’ve put together some tips and advice to help.

Omega 3 Is Super Important

Fatty acids from the face of it may sound bad, but they’re extremely important for your body to function properly, and surprisingly, most people don’t get enough of it. A low intake of Omega-3 can be associated with low IQ , heart disease and depression so including foods such as fish  as part of your balanced diet helps to aid the increase of omega-3 for your body.

5 A Day

Of Course it goes without saying and it’s preached to us all the time but making sure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet is key to providing your body with the nutrients and goodness it needs. You can mix up how you use them too, why not try fruit alongside cereal or be adventurous and try some new vegetables alongside your meals. For quick on the go snacks, smoothies are perfect and can be quickly made with frozen fruit.

Stop With The Sugar

Continuous consumption of food and drinks with large quantities of sugar leads to obesity, tooth decay and more health risks which can be avoided by simply cutting down your intakes. Natural sugars found within fruit are perfectly fine, it’s free sugars which are added to food and drinks which you must be aware of.

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

It’s the first meal of the day because its the most important. It’s what gets you ready for the day and a healthy breakfast packed with fiber and low in fats and sugar will give your body the jump start to the day it needs after a night of rest. Need a morning idea? Try a whole grain cereal and add some extra fruit to get ahead on your 5 a day.

Here’s some more tips that may seem obvious, but we’re all a little guilty:

  •  Processed foods are extremely unhealthy
  • Supplements can’t ever replace real foods
  • Refined Carbohydrates are bad for you

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