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Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

Sleep and rest can have a massive effect on our overall health and not getting the right amount or struggling to sleep can leave you feeling fatigued, demotivated, not fresh and tired, which is why it’s important to understand the need for a good night’s rest.

Being a Carer, you’ll likely have faced disruptive sleep many times, whether it be because of long shifts, 24/7 care, general stress or a magnitude of other things that contribute to a poor sleep pattern. It’s not going to suddenly change overnight, if only it could but there are some things you can do to help aid your sleep, and sometimes these small changes are enough to improve your sleep and get you that rest you need.

Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Comfortable 

This is your place of escape, the place where you can escape to after a shift and most importantly where you sleep, so ensuring your bedroom is comfortable is important. The last thing you need is the added stress or strain of having to move things around and tidy up the bedroom if all you want to do is sleep.

Make it an escape for you, and add furnishings that make it feel more comfortable. Choose things that help you unwind and relax you, whether it’s the ambiance of the room, the overall look or even the feel of some brand new sheets, it all contributes.

How’s Your Mattress?

Arguably the essential for a good night’s sleep, having the right mattress can determine how good your sleep is. Despite them being beloved and you being so used to it, an old mattress isn’t always the best. The recommended age of a mattress before you should get another is about 10 years. Wear and tear begins to take its toll and this isn’t healthy for your body, particularly for your spine. Your mattress should provide the support your body needs, from head to toe, front and back. Days of carrying, lifting, bending can soon take its toll so coming back to a mattress which helps support you, means you can continue to the amazing job that you do. From memory foam mattress that mold to your body’s shape or award winning mattress from Emma Mattress there are no shortages when it comes to choosing your next mattress, especially when you can use your Carers discount!

The same can be said for your pillow, if it isn’t providing you with the support you need, you may find yourself tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable. Like your spine, your necks support is just as important.. The last thing you want to feel when waking up is rigid and tense because your pillows “will do”.

Quick Tips To Sleep Better

  • Avoid your phone before sleep – Did you know the blue light emitted by your phone lowers your melatonin levels? The lower these are, the harder it is to sleep.
  • Keep the room temperature comfortable
  • Turn your clocks around – you don’t need to be staring at a time working out how many hours of sleep you are going to end up getting, that keeps your brain active!
  • Blackout Blinds – Invest in new blinds to help block out any light which creeps in. This is particularly useful for those working night shifts.

Your mental health is important, and a good night’s rest can help contribute to feeling better both inside and out. Waking up every morning refreshed and happy with a great night’s sleep means you can start your day on the front foot.

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