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Spending Valentines At Home in Lockdown

We wouldn’t blame you for giving Valentine’s Day a miss this year.

We know it can be a little difficult in the current circumstances to be feeling the love. From not being able to book a romantic meal, enjoy a day out or even see partners and friends in person.

Luckily we’re feeling the love this year, and are here to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, with some nifty ideas to get the romance going and some amazing exclusive discounts to help you save more on the things you love.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Even though you’re at home, you can still find those special gifts for your loved ones and get them delivered direct to your door. Check out some of the best Valentines day gifts below and see where you can save with a discount.

Hopefully you’ve found some Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him but it’s not just about the gifts. Spending quality time is important so try and set aside some time where you can spend together. It’s healthy to have your own space and do your own thing but making time for eachother is equally as important. 

But I’m working on Valentine’s Day?

Whether it’s a night shift or an early start, you may not be feeling the love, but you don’t have to plan valentines just for one day. Make time the day after, make time the day before, do it when it suits you. You may even skip it altogether but we’d like to think at least something is worth celebrating.

Looking for an alternative valentines meal at home?

Keep it simple and easy and order a takeaway. It may not have the glam a traditional meal brings with it, but it’s quick and easy and you can get it safely delivered to your door, meaning there’s no need to stress when trying to plan your evening meal.

Alternatively there’s plenty of Valentines day meal deals you can pick up from your local supermarket. From dine in for 2 at M&S to valentines meals at Morrisons, Tesco’s and more, you can bring the restaurant to your living room.
And with the Discounts For Carers Cashback Card, you can earn cashback on your Valentines meals and shopping at over 35 stores, including Sainsbury’s, Asda & Waitrose.

Why not discover and start preparing with some of the best Valentines Day meal ideas you can cook at home.

Remember if you work in care in any role you can sign up for free and start saving with some amazing offers this valentines day for Carers.


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