Outdoor Essentials To Have This Winter

With winter fast approaching you may have one eye on wrapping up and digging out the big coat rom the back of the wardrobe. Whether it’s to travel to and from work, or to keep you shielded from the weather when you’re out and about, every year you’re in need of some winter essentials to keep you warm and protected, no matter your adventure.

From the latest fashionable winter styles to the essential equipment if you’re planning a winter walk or camping trip, you can save on the outdoors with your carers discount.

Check out some of our best discounts on outdoor essentials this winter below and see where you could save

Essential Outdoor Discounts for Carers

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

It’s time to cosy up and start putting on the layers and the best way to do that is with jumpers, cardigans and even those fluffy socks for the colder nights. But what’s the best to wear?

Knitwear is often a go to during the winter months, especially when they are made from wool, but it does come with it’s problems, like those pesky bobbles. Pulling your jumper from the wardrobe leaves you asking “how can I keep my jumper bobble free?” Whether it’s on the underarms or down the side, removing those solid balls of fuzz is surprisingly pretty simple. Usually a fine toothed comb will do the job, brushing away the bobbles leaving you bobble free.

What is your favourite thing to wear at winter?

Winter is often a hard time of year for many so if you do find yourself needing a little bit of extra help, no matter what that may be, visit our support for carers page where you can find financial advice, support, alongside some great deals and discounts to help with the every day.

Remember you can sign up for free to Discounts For Carers if you work in any role within care, be it paid or unpaid and start saving with access to hundreds of discounts from big brands, on the things you love and the essentials you need.

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