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Mens Health Week

Celebrate Men’s Health Week with us and help raise awareness of issues men are facing both physically and mentally, and encourage conversations with those close to you.

The current pandemic has made us all understand the value of our health, and ensuring we are actively looking after our own health is extremely important. From keeping active and fit to ensuring your body gets the right food it needs to stay healthy is more prominent than ever.

But it’s not only our physical health which can be impacted.

For many men, the idea of opening up and showing emotion is often difficult and is even stigmatised. Thankfully times are changing and more resources are becoming available and more conversations are happening on topics that once were considered “taboo”.

The lockdown has meant it’s been harder to see family and friends, meaning your feeling of loneliness may have increased. But that doesn’t mean you are alone. Many feel the same and you’re not in it on your own. It’s hard to take that first step, but sometimes something as simple as picking up the phone to have a conversation about anything to a family member or a friend is an amazing start and lets you reconnect.

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