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Mental Health Awareness Week- Tackling loneliness as a Carer

Being a carer isn’t easy. There’s no doubt that when someone relies on you for their basic needs and wellbeing, the stress of it can quickly become overwhelming. Never having time for yourself and pretty much being on the clock 24/7 can be challenging and lonely.  As a carer can it can be difficult to do many of the things that most people take for granted. Being unable to enjoy social activities with friends and family can leave you with…

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Commonly asked Carer interview questions

A carer interview can be a nerve-racking experience for everyone. From arriving on time, looking presentable, to questions on preparation, there’s a lot to remember. If you plan to pursue a career in the care sector, you might be looking for some job interview tips? Within this blog post, you will find helpful information relating to commonly asked questions and valuable advice.  Prepare the job role ahead of time. Knowing the responsibilities and expectations are a must. Research the businesses…

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